Göran Andersson

Göran Andersson

Straight Line Principle

All of Göran Andersson's inventions are based on one principle: the straight line. It is the basic principle for all casting.

Göran Andersson Straight Line Action Fly Rods

The new generation of Straight Line Action Fly Rods are designed for versatile fishing and especially for fishermen searching for a modern rod with great capacities. With these rods and tuned fly lines you can even fish confined spaces and places you never fished before.  It is no secret, the SL-Action Rod has a unique tapering which is not found anywhere else. Together with tuned lines these rods are particularly suited for waterborne casts. When casting the whole blank is performing from top to bottom. Compared to other rods this is already possible with a very short stroke. A short stroke needs less space.

The GAFFD SL-Action rods and their sensitive tips serve the fly line completely straight and with almost no vibration when performed with a correct casting technique. Like an arrow with one direction both lines shoot to the target. When shooting a fly line where the upper and lower line are moving on a parallel trajectory toward the target means that 100% of the line weight is moving towards the target. To gain more effectiveness than this is not possible. Moreover, since the lower line (u) moves straight, the fisherman has a direct physical contact to the line and therefore the fly. In other words, he can control his cast. 

To load a progressive rod, you need a longer stroke and hence a longer dragline. A long dragline together with a tip action rod creates a crooked line loop.  This means that the line weight is moving towards different directions and is therefore less effective, making it difficult to aim the cast.